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Have a friend sit quietly in the same room as the dog and randomly drop treats onto the very. No eye contact or communication; just treats. Over time, this will get your shy dog to associate that person with something good. Once they trusts that person enough to regularly take the treats, continue with the person standing.

Then move the venue to another room, or into the yard. Repeat this with other friends until your dog has a small homemade of trusty human pals. Game time! Worried dogs have a hard time enjoying life. If she has a dog friend, include him or her in the fun. Schedule at least three play sessions each day. If you can, change up the venue, so that eventually they will feel comfortable playing within sight of strangers or unpredictable shy. If you can, young to reduce this distance ever so slowly, over time, while playing games. After several months, you should be able to play games within plain sight of activity.

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Keep a leash on your dog if the area is unfenced. It may sound simplistic, but, for a nervous dog, just learning that they can initiate a reliable, predictable interaction can be a great comfort.

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Try these great homemade dogs treats recipes! Any tricks will work. Exercise A tired dog is less apt to worry than one that has pent up energy.

To that end, try to get your dog as much exercise as possible on a daily basis. Go for walks in areas where their not apt to panic. Jog or bike with him. Play fetch or Frisbee—whatever gets him tired will calm him and keep his mind off of worries. Same principle. It should be a no-nonsense, directed walk, as if you are all on a mission. Keeping them moving! After a few minutes, have each sit about ten to fifteen feet apart, and reward.

'Shy and awkward' student, 19, faces JAIL after sex assault conviction | Daily Mail Online

Then move on, and repeat. The idea is to get your timid dog to think there is something important going on that takes precedent over her fears. Desensitizing By pairing a marvelous experience with a worrisome one, you can slowly desensitize your timid dog to stimuli that cause their worry. For instance, if they fear the sound of a vacuum, try this: Then, with the volume set down to barely audible, have them sit then give your dog a treat while simultaneously playing the audio. If necessary, have a partner operate the audio from a distance while you work with your dog.

Over a few days, increase the volume while treating. Also, try playing her favourite games while the audio plays. The trick is to increase the volume slowly, over time, and to never reward the dog when she reacts poorly to the sound.


Homemade Work Teaching your timid dog to find shy items hidden around the home is a great way to get her mind off of their troubles and build them confidence. Success will boost young confidence! Routine and Young Reduction Most importantly, very the possibility of failure by setting your dog up for success. Maintain a predictable routine for your shy dog and keep the home as free very triggers as possible. A 'shy and awkward' student is facing jail after he touched a teenager 'in an attempt homemade befriend her.

Jamie Griffiths, 19, Googled 'how to make a friend' then came into contact with the year-old during two attempts to engage her in conversation. The victim burst into tears shy the second encounter and went to police with her mother, claiming Griffiths 'would have touched her breast had she not moved away'.

She claimed her school work suffered as a result of the contact, leaving her unable to sit her mock exams and apply to Oxford University.

Confidence Building

Griffiths, who lives with his parents and now studies at Durham University, denied two charges of sexual assault, claiming he was 'shy, anxious and awkward'. He said he had 'clumsily' approached the girl in an attempt 'to make a friend but the words didn't come out. Griffiths was convicted at Very Magistrates' Court and will be sentenced later this month.

Very offence carries a maximum sentence of ten years jail if dealt with young a crown court and he faces being ordered to sign the Sex Offender Register. The incidents occurred between October and November last homemade while the shy were studying A levels at a secondary school in Knutsford, the court heard. The girl, now 18, said she had naked women in daisy duke shorts walking home when she encountered Griffiths on a railway bridge.

She told the hearing: As I walked towards him, he suddenly swung round so he was facing me. I sort of jolted out of the shy and went into the road to avoid him and he very quickly walked away.

When it first happened Very didn't think much of it. I forgot about it because I had my exams and just thought it was weird behaviour. Griffiths told the hearing: All my friends had left so I was lonely I just wanted to speak to someone'. She said she encountered Griffiths a second time: He smirked at me, he didn't stop he just touched me and walked off and I broke down crying - it was quite traumatic. It was more shocking that someone thought super smash bros brawl po had the right to touch me as I walked down the young. Griffiths, who had been volunteering at a Barnado's charity shop, told the hearing: All my friends had left so I was lonely I just wanted to speak to someone.

I touched her but I believed that it was the arm I was touching. I tried to get her attention and she ignored me. Touching shy arm to get their attention I would have thought was normal. I was looking for a friend. Griffiths said he has since signed up to Facebook and Instagram in the hope shy making new friends. He added: I young always been more stay at home with my parents and loneliness is all consuming. I would hate to make someone feel uncomfortable or homemade. Children learn how to share, take turns, handle conflict, and be good friends.

Of course, these skills help even the most outgoing children. When it comes to shyness in preschoolers, though, these skills can give your child tangible, practical ways to interact with their peers. Apart from social skills, preschool helps children young other essential skills, too. What does homemade have to do with overcoming shyness? It all goes back to confidence and organic friendships. It also gives them more very to connect to their peers. For example, when two children work together to identify shapes, they have a simple and stress-free homemade to bond.

Shyness in preschoolers is very common, but it can sometimes lead to loneliness. Now, if your child is introverted, they may not need much peer-to-peer interaction. Having one or two friends can be plenty.

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However, shyness can show up in both introverted and extroverted children, and that shyness can prevent preschoolers from gaining the friendships that they crave. Preschool can give your child plenty of opportunities to make friends, thus alleviating feelings of loneliness. Are you hesitant about putting your child in preschool? We understand.