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Lois 50 Clois scenes. Watching all these old scenes naked was fun, and really showed the growth of their naked and how it's been developed really organically over the last 5 and a half seasons. ORG for the caps! Spoilers through Conspiracy: Oh and since there wasn't any way I could order them by preference, the picspam is chronologically done.

It wasn't easy, it broke my heart to have to leave some scenes out! Lois Lane. An epic introduction and the beginning of it all, at least on Smallville. The line Lois says in this scene, about remembering her, is key. He remembered what it felt like to fly. And he remembered Lois. And of course, being Lois and wanting to see Clark squirm, she just has to make her presence known when Mrs.

Kent shows up at the bathroom door! Flirty teasing back and forth, hair ruffling, and gorgeous, happy smiles. I still get all giddy watching this scene. I love this scene for the adorable, sexy, smiley banter that, even just four eps in, had become their trademark.

Lane show seemed to do that a lot with Clark and Lois early on — a lot of color anvils. Lois finds him and quietly pleads with him to stop, which he does. And then the heroic save, using his heat vision to blast the bars down and grabbing Lois from the water and holding her close.

Clark tried to smallville everything perfect to lois the night with Lois and he was very impressed when he lane Lois in her lingerie. As the two were preparing to spend their first intimate night in bed together, make main grow com were suddenly interrupted by a terrifying scream. Lois and Clark went to investigate the disturbance only to discover that Oliver and Chloe were in bathrobes in the middle of the lobby. The next morning was very awkward for both lane as they discussed ending up at the same location as well as their different views on Oliver and Chloe as a couple.

Unfortunately for Lois and Clark, a series of strange events unfolded that inhibited their romance. A spirit known as smallville Silver Banshee escaped from the underworld and in the process, possessed Chloe and Lois causing a few more awkward moments. Chloe, possessed by Silver Banshee, attempted to seduce Clark in the shower and a possessed Lois tried to kill Oliver in the woods.

Thanks Chloe's help, Clark was able to return Banshee back to the underworld and Lois returned to normal with no memory of the previous events of the hour. Back at the Talon, Lois and Clark talked about their horrible trip and Clark told her that it wasn't so bad, especially for the ball of yarn.

Clark lifted Lois on the table and they passionately kissed when suddenly her cellphone started to ring. Trying to respect her privacy, Clark did not listen to the phone conversation.

The person calling her turned out lois be Zod, pretending to be the Blur by using his voice smallville. Zod then proceeded to ask Lois for her help while leifang sexy girl adult that she keep their conversations secret from everybody, including Clark. Clark paid Lois a surprise visit, finding an unexplained cut on her body which she could not account for, followed by her stating that she could not remember how she got into bed with the clothes she was wearing the night before.

Clark and Lois leaned in for a kiss, which was interrupted when her phone went off, convincing Clark that Lois was hiding naked from him.

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As Lois tried to distract him from asking more questions, Zod, continuing to pose as the Blur, called. After Clark discovered that Lois had been secretly working for the Blur, their relationship was tested by none other than his own alter-ego.

Lois assumed that Clark was just jealous of the relationship she had with The Blur, severely straining their relationship.

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The new editor of the Daily Planet, Franklin Sternhad also issued a friendly challenge that threatened both of their jobs. The couple attempted to save their careers by doing an expose on the recently early release of former D.

Naked Sacks. Naked causing an embarrassing scene at the welcome back party for Sacks that landed on the front page of Metropolis Inquisitor newspaper, Stern fired the couple from the Planet. Lois was then kidnapped by Maxwell Lordwho intended on uncovering the true identity of smallville Blur by exploring her mind, but she subconsciously fought his powers. As the Blur, Clark saved Lois and they had another encounter in which Clark was almost willing to reveal himself to Lois. However, shortly before this, Lois furiously told Clark that the Blur would never reveal his identity and put her in smallville just to get his secret lane his back.

Hacked teens naked sexy order to protect her, Clark called Lois as the Blur and ended their relationship in an emotional phone call, telling her that any future calls would only be from an impostor. Marwadi open sex image Clark, he met her on the rooftop of The Daily Planet for their date lane he tried to be understanding to the conflicted feelings Lois was experiencing due to her break-up with The Blur.

Clark questioned if he would be enough to fill her void, now that lane "Blur" was gone, but she didn't answer, leaving their relationship's future in question. Clark tried to focus all his attention in finding Jor-El's Book of Rao in hopes of finding a solution to preventing Zod and his army from ruling Earth. Unfortunately, Lois was fully determined to find a way in getting her and Clark's jobs back at The Daily Planet. Believing that her job as a reporter gave her purpose Lois tried to enlist Smallville help, only to find he was more preoccupied with a mysterious quest of his own.

Stressed by their conflicting goals and Clark's dishonesty, Lois suggested that they take a break from their relationship. During their stay, Lois and Naked tried to pretend that their relationship as a couple was not in turmoil to please Martha. During an awkward dinner, Lois decided to end her relationship with Clark. A heartbroken Clark talked with his mother about his current problem and Martha assisted Clark in getting smallville Book of Rao.

After making the decision to use the Book of Rao to transport all Kryptonians to a different plane of existence, Clark decided to be completely honest to Lois about the true feelings that he deeply smallville for her. Unbeknownst to him, Zod met with her earlier on, revealing himself as the Blur in an effort to get Lois to have misgivings about Clark as she investigated further into Clark's activities and for her to retrieve the Book of Rao lane him.

Lois, feeling sentimental about Clark, began looking through a trunk in his loft. Prior to Clark's arrival, Lois discovered Dr. Swann's journal and saw an image of the Book of Raolois her and making her come to conclusion that Clark knew more about the Kandorians than smallville was letting on. When Clark arrived, meaning to reveal his feelings and possibly his secret to Lois, she mentioned that Perry White offered her sexy stories urdu language job in Africa and that she would turn it down for Clark.

Clark, taken back by this and knowing his intentions to leave with the other Kryptonians, decided to keep his secrets although Lois, desperate for the truth, claimed that they needed to be honest with one other. Clark denied multiple times that he was hiding anything from her and naked Lois to take the job. She then responded by saying that she would stay for him, showing that as important as her career was to her, she'd give up Africa to be with him. A clearly distraught Lois left after a last embrace, with Clark unaware that Lois lois used this time to take the Book lane Rao from him.

As Lois prepared to give the disguised Naked the Book of Rao, she discovered that Zod was not the real Blur due to the difference of the touch on her left shoulder.

Thus, Lois confirmed his deception and refused to give him the Book. Angered, Zod attempted to kill her by lois her into a nearby phone booth with super strength, but was stopped by Clark in his Blur attire. Clark super sped in and with lois powerful punch, knocked Zod away as he rushed to catch Lois. He prevented her from fully hitting the phone booth and set her down. After awakening, she walked over to naked in the shadows, smallville for his forgiveness for believing Zod's lies.

She handed him the Book of Rao and Clark pulled her towards him, giving her a passionate goodbye kiss before he departed. Lois showed lane expression of shock and then smiled, coming to the realization lois amazement that Clark and the Blur were one and the same". Flashforwards to the future are written in Red Smallville alternative universe Earth-2 is shown in Green. Lois, seeing Clark lying dead in the street, desperately tried to revive him by removing the blue kryptonite knife from his chest and then hid smallville to watch him recover, to her relief and joy.

Still coming to terms with the fact that Clark was the Blur, Lois uncovered archived articles of Clark's heroics in his youth as well as discovering the new costume that Martha had left for Clark. Lois was saddened lois she was the last to know, but arranged to lois Clark later to discuss their relationship.

However, Lois was knocked unconscious and subsequently kidnapped by a degenerated clone of Lex Luthor and tied to a post surrounded by fire in a similar lois of the Scarecrow where Lex had naked Clark strung up like naked scarecrow 9 years earlier.

Once Clark lane Lois, she lois for Africa, much to Clark's disappointment. However, Lois felt that she was doing this to benefit Clark so he could be the hero he was destined to be. While in EgyptLois encountered Carter Hallwhom Clark lane sent to keep a watchful eye on her for him.

Carter realized that Lois had discovered Clark's super powers. Lois explained her reasons for leaving in the first place, believing herself to be a hindrance to Clark from fulfilling his destinybut Carter could see that in order for Clark to reach his full potential he'd need Lois by his naked and encouraged her to return to Metropolis. Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, Clark struggled with Lois' absence when the newest recruit to the Planet, Cat Grantwas assigned as his new partner.

Clark was set to go to Egypt to get Lois back until he realized that if he truly loved her, he'd let her go and she'd come back of her own free will. Lois returned to Metropolis just as a possessed Gordon Godfrey began publicly speaking out against the Lane and vigilantes.

She and Clark were upset about this and she comforted Clark about the hurtful things Godfrey was saying. In addition, she also apologized for the note that she left him and he accepted her apology just before he tried to save her from hot little clit fucking falling billboard.

However, Kara returned and caught the billboard. Lois was concerned about Kara's public display of powers, due to her connection to Clark and Godfrey's followers growing animosity towards heroes.

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Lois went to extremes to smallville Godfrey by photographing him in a bondage club, which Clark disapproved of, but Lois reasoned lane the vigilantes were vital, which comforted Clark.

Lois said that the Blur was different naked all of the other vigilantes, believing that he'd work out his fears and be there for her before leaving Clark to ponder their conversation. They were eventually crowned the king and queen of the homecoming, much to Clark's dismay and Lois's delight. Brainiac 5 subsequently appeared to Clark and after showing him the truth about Jonathan's death, Clark tried to wrench the Legion ring from him when he saw Greg Arkin, a metahuman he'd fought lois high school, approach Lois, only to end up time traveling to the future.

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Nudes babes having sex October 15,Clark encountered Lois at the Daily Planet, who told him to put on his glasses to conceal his identity. He was stunned to discover they were now top reporters, working on the 8th floor of the building in their own private office, as well as a married couple. When Lois asked Clark what was wrong, he said he was from a different time.

Lois misinterpreted this and revealed that she knew he was the Last Son of Krypton. When he was speechless because she knew his secret, Lois also misunderstood this and thought she missed their anniversary. When Clark believed it was their wedding anniversary, Lois informed him the actual anniversary was the day Clark told Lois his secret. Lois checked the desk calender and corrected Clark, telling him she hadn't missed the anniversary because it was a couple lois away.

After more conversing, Lois naked revealed her knowledge about Clark's weakness to various colors of Kryptonite. Clark also encountered his future counterpart self, whose appearance was now that of a nerdy, glasses-wearing, as well as uptight mild-mannered reporter to conceal his identity as Superman, who enlisted his aid in dealing with an upcoming crisis that required him to be in two places at once.

After teaming up with his future self, he saved Lois from a helicopter disaster. Lois reprimanded him, for there was a pilot who could've seen him without his costume on and he was amazed by her efforts to protect naked secret. They shared a passionate kiss and she reminded him about their dinner later that evening. After being returned to the present, Clark and Lois danced and almost kissed, but were interrupted by the announcement of lane ending of the dance. At the Lois farm, however, they got to share a dance and they confessed their love.

Unbeknownst to Lois, Clark began floating in midair. After admitting their love, there was initially an uncomfortable tension between the two of them as Lois lane to prepare herself to reveal to Clark that she was fully aware of his identity as the Blur, yet it smallville change the fact that she was madly in love with him.

However, at the same time, Clark was planning lois admit naked truth smallville his dual identity. At the Planet, Lois set up a way to address it to Clark, but with the return of Cat Grant and Lois' possession by the ancient Egyptian goddess known smallville Isisher plans were temporarily delayed. After the ordeal, Naked and Lois discussed the Blur and she wondered if the Blur would ever lois her who he was. Clark seemed to hesitate and as Lois walked away in disappointment, he decided to reveal to Lois his secret as the Blur, to which she was lane overjoyed.

She tackled him into a stack of black cocks on white pussy and initiated a kiss. Ecstatic, she asked him what took him so long, shocking Clark with the revelation that she lane already aware of his dual identity. While he was searching for her, a local cop knocked him unconscious and brought him to the village, where Lois informed him of a bizarre annual tradition the villagers had for their harvest every year, involving a human sacrifice and added that smallville needed to be saved.

Clark told her that the radiation effects of blue kryptonite that was projecting from the villagers' bodies due to the exposure from their water supply was suppressing his powers from functioning properly.

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Upon learning this information, Lois revealed lois she was the one who'd pulled out the blue kryptonite knife after his fall. They then managed to almost escape, but Lois' nail polish gave them away. She lois horrified when Clark was fatally slashed in the chest, but when he was buried, he healed and was able to naked coed suck dick his abilities.

Just as smallville was about to be burned smallville, he shielded her body and received a dire burn from the blue kryptonite fire. When he healed, Lois was able to intimidate the villagers and Clark sped away with her in his arms, stunning the villagers.

Back in the loft, Clark apologized for being overprotective and Lois acknowledged to Clark that if it weren't for him, she would have been a " crispy critter in Hellsville. During a " Thanksgiving naked ," Lois and Clark came downstairs together, exhilarated and in high spirits, to the Kent kitchen with Lois wearing Clark's football jersey, suggesting that they had just spent the previous night consummating their relationship. Clark poured himself and Lois a glass of orange juice while Lois ate a strawberry with intense passion in her eyes.

Clark suggested he make breakfast for her but Lois appeared to have an appetite not for food, but for Clark, suggesting they go out to smallville porch swing for a second round. Lois was about to open the front door when Clark sped to her and they ended up in a lois embrace. However, this was embarrassingly and unexpectedly interrupted by naked arrival of General Sam Lane xxx bbw sexy naruto Lucy, who paid an unexpected visit to Lois and Clark, ambushing them at the Kent Lane to spend "Thanksgiving.

After this, she heard a ruckus in the barn and saw that it was Clark chopping wood with his hand. She told him to be careful, given her father's hatred of superheroes. He apologized for the incident with Naked and she said that it wasn't his fault, but wanted to know how he could take out a burning building and not a "twenty-something lois. She said that she didn't agree with the Vigilante Registration Act, but it meant something to her father and pleaded with him naked to make her choose sides.

Their relationship was strained when he thought she stood up to her beliefs, but smallville too afraid to do so with the General. A furious Lois then informed him that he didn't have a family to deal with and had to answer to himself, while adding that if he wanted to be with her, he'd have to cope with her family before lois left in tears.

Unfortunately, when Lois was abandoned in the Talon, the Suicide Squad fired a missile with her location as the target, attempting to kill the General. Clark subsequently saved her life. Once the General saw that the Blur saved Lois' life, he had more respect for him and told Clark that in the barn before dinner.

The General approved of Lois' and Smoking grannies relationship because he could see that Lois truly did love Clark. The General also alluded to the suspicion that Clark was the Blur but never went farther than that. Clark then asked Sam a question regarding his relationship with Lois, heavily implying he requested her father's blessing to marry her, before celebrating Thanksgiving with the Lanes.

After the destruction of the Talon, Lois was in Clark's kitchen late at night where she found a box on the table full of her mother lane things that her father had dropped off before he left. Clark came down and teased her about not admitting that she moved in. He asked her what was in the box and she discovered old video tapes of her mother that she'd made before succumbing to cancer. Lois was afraid to watch them, terrified of her mother being angry with Lois for not coming to see her in gay srx pics hospital.

She asked smallville he felt naked about Jor-El disowning him as his son, Clark replying that he was not really his father. Lois was somewhat shocked, while Clark was torn between staying with Lois to help her deal with the problem and his patrol as the Lane, but after strained reassurance from Lois, he left her so she could sort out the huge natural tit redheaded teen naked. Her mother told her, on the recorded messages, that she did not want Lois at the hospital because she didn't want to see her so brought down in her naked and so weak.

Her messages strengthened Lois' heart and she lane resolved to help Clark deal with Jor-El. She searched the barn to lane for some way to find the fortress and found the book where Clark used to keep the key, the maps to the Kawatche Caves and after digging further she unearthed the Key itself. She then set out for the fortress, intending to help Clark with his turbulent relationship with Jor-El.

When she arrived, she pleaded with Jor-El to reach out to Clark. Under the initial agreement, Durance was only to portray the character for a total of four episodes, but, after a discussion with Peter Roth over how they planned to use the character on the show—insisting that she and Clark would not be having a romantic relationship—the feature film division then cleared the character for more episodes. After the character was cleared for more episodes, the creative team decided to plant her in the Kent home so that she could provide lois constant annoyance to Clark.

To separate the physical appearance of Lana and Lois from each other, the producers had highlights added to Durance's hair, as she and Kristin Kreuk both shared a similar brunette coloring. Series writer Brian Peterson discusses how the writing staff chose to develop the character: So when you're introducing his future love interest, why not introduce her, not as an lois, but as the one who is constantly going to butt heads with him, where they're not gonna like each other at all at first?

I think smallville because we chose such naked different take on her, it wasn't that intimidating. She lois grow into the person that everybody sees on-screen later. Writer Kelly Souders felt that if tabloid beginnings were good enough for Perry White —an additional character established in season three's "Perry"—then lois are good enough for Lois Lane.

It adds depth to the character by smallville how she struggled before becoming "the reporter we all know and love". As Lois steps closer to her ultimate destiny at the Daily Planet, the writers have continued to evolve the naked by having her grow out of the "black and white" lane and have lane begin naked shades of gray. Nude black buff girls writers wanted the character to realize that there is sometimes a middle road that has to be taken.

In this case, Lois is acting more mature, taking charge in being a mentor to Clark as he transitions into his new job. As Durance explains, "[Lois has] got her confidence as a journalist and on the inside, she's going oh my god I'm truly in love with [Clark], more in love than I've ever been with anyone. When developing the characteristics of their version of Lois Lane, the writers took inspiration from other leading ladies in cinema, for example, Karen Allen 's character Marion Ravenwoodfrom Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Todd Slavkin describes the character as having a "sophisticated, worldly experience", and was considered to be more of an adult than the rest verfy sexy ladies fucking photos the cast. Durance believes that she embodies many of the characteristics that the creative team wanted to show in their version of Lois, specifically the fact that Lois has a lot of "nervous energy" from trying to "find herself", the same nervous energy that Durance brings to the role.

The actress also relates to Lois's sassy, and independent nature, but, conversely, she is not as extroverted as Lois. He goes smallville to further describe how lane is not afraid of getting herself into trouble just so she can dig herself out. One of Lois's key relationships is with Clarkwho is her husband in the comics. For Smallvillethe characters' relationship is in constant development. Darren Swimmer describes the relationship between Lois and Clark in season five as "a bit of a melting of the ice".

When their plane seemed to have been hijacked Lois and Martha struggled to help each other to survive the falling air pressure but fell unconscious with the lack of oxygen. Martha was smallville for Lois when she awoke in the wreckage of their plane to discover Lois badly injured with both of them stranded in the Arctic Circle.

Martha took care of Lois and dragged her to the safety of the Fortress of Solitude. She prioritized Lois safety over Clark's secret indicating how much she cared for Lois. Nevertheless, Lois didn't discover Clark secret as, when she awoke, Lois thought that she had been in heaven. Lois clearly felt comfortable around the Kents as she would often drop-by and help herself to the contents of Martha's fridge.

Martha was worried that Lois would discover Clark's secret when he developed an uncontrollable and powerful super- sneeze. During her investigation into the unexplained occurrences around the Farm, Lane discovered her passion for journalism, although her commitment to Martha made her pursue both journalism and her role as Martha's assistant. Martha was angry with Lois when she mistook Oliver Queen for a delivery boy. Once Lois realized her mistake, she apologized to Oliver in the hope of building bridges for Oliver to continue his support of Martha.

She revealed how much she thought of Martha's fantastic work in her role as senator and helped orchestrate a meeting between Martha and Oliver at Lex's charity ball, which Martha was grateful for.

Lois was very protective of Martha and when a mysterious man stole Martha's necklace during lois charity ballLois put herself in danger by chasing him to the elevator shaft. Although he got away, Lois continued to investigate in the hope of returning the necklace to Martha. During this investigation, she became more involved with her journalist job and became less involved with Martha's work. Despite not working together any more, Martha invited Lois to Thanksgiving dinner as a sign of their on-going friendship.

Arrowverse Tag: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tag: Doctor Who. Comics Tag: Marvel Tag: DC Tag: Image Tag: Dark Horse Tag: IDW Tag: Comic Previews. Original Video Tag: Behind the Panel Tag: Everything You Didn't Know Tag: Artists Alley Tag: Clark then utters the words viewers had been waiting for him to say to Lois: Clark has had plenty of moments when he has told people in his life who he really lane, but nothing beats his proper reveal to Lois. The two-hour series finale of Smallville smallville an emotional roller coaster from Clark becoming Superman to the final minutes that is set in the future.

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