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The Fireman. Especially when we talk about women and their pleasure And there are certainly a lot of smiles. Anyone for tennis? Free shipping above Vulva Talks What is Vulva Talks? Female Pleasure What is Vulva Talks? Sex Tips For Women. Woman Masturbation. Women's Health. We were in lovebut not so much. We fought all the time, but I'm pretty sure that was all so we'd have a good excuse to get to the make-up sexwhich was all about — you guessed it! Phew, the things I did to keep the peace. After Nile I and eventually broke up, my capacity for having earth-shattering orgasms had grown to such a height that no man alive could ever come close.

He had set the bar too high, and no one ever did come close. I tried to analyze just what Nile was doing that made him so much better than everyone else, and I found it: He had discovered weekend adult sex quest G-spot with his fingers, up in there, while doing the licky thing on my super-erogenous zones. The G-spot that I never thought existed, that I laughed at when I heard other women speak of. It existed and all those Hallelujah sessions were made possible because of it.


I just didn't know it at the time. Nile was a G-spot master. I'd always been under the impression that the G-spot could only be accessed through intercourse. Post-Nile, I put two and two together and realized, "Ah, so that's what he was doing with his fingers all that time! Instead, they invite her to join in, and this beautiful babe gets her first taste of a woman in a scorching threesome experience she just couldn't turn down!

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The Stranger Takes Two: Sex on the Tracks: Stranger Sex on Stranger Eighteenth Birthday: An Erotica Story Taylor has her eighteenth birthday all figured out. About the stories good thing is a hot guy working the desk at sex tattoo parlor.

Picked Up at the Bar: With better way to blow off a little steam than a one night stand with a complete stranger? This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various stranger sex encounters.

It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Get A Copy. Kindle Edition40 pages.

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She bent over, hiked up her skirt and guided my dick inside. It was amazing and she felt incredible.

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A solid fiver before I busted a nut in the sink and we went back to the bar to get a drink. This young girl comes up for the same reason and we start chatting. She told me she loved my accent and just pounced in for a kiss. We ended up fucking on the floor. It was a red eye flight, so the airport terminal was really empty. I go to take a piss, and there's a janitor handsome.

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He and I start talking, about family, holidays, and I keep thinking how it's weird for two male strangers to just talk in a bathroom. I have this urge to hug him for talking to me, and I do. We part but we keep our arms on each others arms. He smiles and to give me a hint, and just looks me up and down. He walks out, and I know he wants me to follow.

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I tell my family that I'm going to walk around. He leads me to a janitor's closet with metal racks and cleaning supplies. Omitting the most vulgar of details, stranger basically gave me quite a ride.

I explained it away as getting lost. So yeah, holiday spirit is a good thing. Saw a stranger in the crowd walking between stages. I walked up to stories and just kissed her. We didn't even sleep or eat. By the time we actually did stop, it was already the next night! How did you keep a marathon like that going? Every time we finished, we would stay naked, laying in the bed, rubbing each other.

It wasn't long until we both got excited again and started going at it. There was just never a point we wanted to stop. What did your friends think? Did you and him keep in touch? They were totally cool with it and were really happy for me. But after With left, my friend found condom wrappers everywhere around the room. We were so exhausted that sex had totally forgotten to clean tattoos on naked girls thighs.