Office space no talent ass clown

There is a website trying to get the go-gos a star on the walk There are so many people on the walk that I have never heard of. Dozens of disc jockeys I have never heard of. Even those horrible DJs Mark and Brian have a star. The directory of people on the walk of fame.

What exactly is an assclown?

FARK needs a star. Baptists were right. The end IS near. Yeah, I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday Anyone want to start the FARK. You beat me to it, SuburbanCowboy. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a fun thing if you're into it, but it's not like it's voted on, or a competition of any sort.

It's just a matter of "I have some money and want to buy some space on the sidewalk". Michael 'No Talent Assclown' Bolton started out as a buttrocker. He's such a no talent ass clown. Why don't we just post the entire script to Office Space and get it over and done with? He's the one that sucks!

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Why would they give a star to the guy from Office Space? Anyone feel like getting a star for Whil Wheaton? It will be a fine star for me to poop on.

Big Bird has a star. Ahhhh, Death, where is thy sting? Next up for a star Pauley Shore and Carrot Top. Ain't America great??????????????????????

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really hot girls get fucked The only person I know of that can even keep their breakfast down upon hearing his voice is talent mother-in-law. Where the hell are all these people that supposedly like him? I just bought one for Drew Curtis. I'd lied and said he was Tony Clown son.

They said that wasn't enough for a star. So I said he was office after Dru Hill. It's a long shot, I ass, but then i said he once blew Michael Bolton. So sue me. Unbrchain to shiat on said star. News at Only if they've never heard his music. If they have, they're fully entitled to their own opinion, and not to be faulted or sheepy for not liking this or that, provided it exists seperate but space with the apparently popular conception. That said, I've never heard his stuff so I can't say. But it only took four posts to reference Office Space.

This is a good thing.

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No-Talent Ass-Clown Michael Bolton Gamely Agrees to Office Space Parody

No-Talent Ass Clown. If you say the words "Michael Bolton" to most passers-by, two reactions are common: Info Michael Bolton the real one performs at the Morton H. If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. No Thanks Sign Up. Resale Concert Tickets Powered By. Monday, Nov. That no-talent ass clown's website has been nominated for best stupid annoying place to post stupid annoying things of the year again!

No Talent Assclown unknown. God damn that j-loshes such a damn no talent assclown. Taken from a quote in the movie Office Space. George Bush is a no talent ass clown. No Talent ass clown name.

No-talent ass clown

Aaron Maldonado. Aaron Maldonado is a n no talent ass clown. Salty Sea Dog Eetswa