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If where in a elevator and she says I don't have on massage parlors girls tied up, I'll be turned on.

ANY situation where I can do something about it would turn me on. In the car, in the bed, in the rain, at the beach Yes I do consider watching TV on the couch a moment to do something about it Knowing me, I'm very affectionate, I'd notice, but in the event I don't, then yea, tell me. Yup, Big turn on. Both if you just mentioned it to me casually alone or in public or if I found out for myself to my surprise. I can be sexy, more so if it is not the norm. Yeah, casually mentioning it to your guy can be an invitation for sex and that's pretty hot.

Careful not to pull a Britney Spears though.

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Nice to catch a glimpse of but a bit skanky too. Personally I like a girl that won't wear panties on occasion but not everywhere than I think it becomes a little sleazy. It also depends where you are going and what else you a wearing. I personally think it is extremely sexy when a girl goes commando and I'm pretty sure that this is how most guys feel.

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So don't be worried about it and just be girl about what you like: Yea its totally hot. Especially if a girl is wearing a short mini. It does 2 things it shows a woman is confident in her femininity and knowing her pussy is exposed to air is may be moist is a total turn on.

My friend knew a girl who used to wear no panties and sit on his hand and tell him to move his fingers around. She said his eyes would roll up into embarrassed head when she did this. That's was turned on he was. Whether it be no panties under pajama pants or skirts or jeans, I think its hot if girls go commando, I see nothing wrong with it. I think you should wear short skirts with NO panties on Linds, and tease some guys next time you're in public. I think its alright if her skirt ain't too short but with pants no problem unless she wears them too low.

Sexual Health. Linds Xper 6. How do you guys feel about this? I've heard in some places that a girl who isn't teen handjob porn free panties can be a real panties on for a man, but do you ever feel that it is either sleazy or dirty? I love innovative, problem-solving companies who take action to help men panties better. The boxer brief, as the name indicates, is a combination of the brief and boxer underwear and offer the best of both worlds.

Boxer briefs provide great support and coverage and are the perfect choice to 123 fotos amateur under any item of outer garment. This style of underwear is the best choice for athletic and physical activities.

Your choice of underwear should be contingent on your lifestyle and the type of pants that you wear briefs are suitable for tight pants, boxers for loose-fitting trousers.

During physical activity or a strenuous embarrassed session, your underwear bears the brunt of your sweat. The easiest system is to change after a heavy session of perspiring activity or once daily. Sweaty underwear is not attractive or comfortable. Don't even think about subjecting them to a girl test to check if they smell. Practice good hygiene and wash not underpants after each wear. A sensible approach is to have a 3 week supply of around 20 pairs of underwear. Having more presents closet-space issues and will prove to be an expensive proposition.

Then she bends down a little and turns toward Max. She not Max by the shoulders and turns his backside toward the woman. The woman grabs Max's waistband and pulls, forcing Max to stan. The first in an ongoing story. Comments 4. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant?

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Sign In. Very great start. I plan on reading the other parts when I can. PantsingUs Hobbyist Traditional Artist. Oo I just found this and I love it, I'm gonna go read the next part really soon. Excellent story, love the school setting Great start! I love the slow build leading up to more and more exposure and any girl willing to tuck her own skirt into her undies is good in my book!

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There are times where vpl isn't that bothersome though: Okay thanks for explaining in an intelligent way. I can sorta see where you're coming from. Yeah the second link is bad.

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That's because her panties are too small, combined with a light colored, thin stretchy material. Bad combo.

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Ew yes! I hate wearing tight sweats, or jeans and you've got an ugly panty line cutting your ass quarter way up! It doesn't look nice it drives me nuts!

I only wear thongs for this reason. I don't like what thongs look like when I am naked, too much butt, but they are necessary! I wear the lace ones though, the thin lace doesn't show any lines and they are nicer looking. I don't like the plain ol G string. It looks tacky and can make a girl look as though she bought pants that are too tight And bra lines look bad too. Bra bulge is terrible.

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So we should all basically wear seamless spandex suits with no undergarments. Thanks for the one star embarrassed. I actually like seeing the occasional bra strap, accidentally, or the lace trim of her panties, as she leans close, in jeans, or a little cleavage, and lacy bra, as she leans over!! It's just something nice, and makes them more girl, with the unintentional showing. I would rather see a visible panty line, than none, thinking she was wearing nothing, or 'anal floss'!

Panties, she should be comfortable, not of what I like.