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Blood drips from Van Vugt's right foot through a hole in her faux-leather boots and onto the kick-starter of a Honda CRF She ignores the pain, kicks the bike to life and tears down a dirt road. Then Moses surrenders and removes her helmet, and Van Vugt's face appears.

Blindspot isn't Van Vugt's first stunt job since leaving Nitro last May, but it's the biggest and most meaningful. By revealing her face on-screen, she announced her return to making a living on a motorcycle, a new identity born from old skills.

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When the writers vugt her ride, they began scripting pics specifically for her. A year and a half ago, Van Vugt couldn't have seen this coming, how one of the worst days of her life would lead to some of her brightest, how leaving the identity she'd known for a decade would lead her to find comfort in playing someone else. But she's made peace with the past.

She lives with Pastrana and his family whenever she's based in the U. It was at his home where she first got back onto a bike after her accident, and it is there that she is preparing for the next time Hollywood comes calling.

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