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Kill Me: Hugh Jackman Flashback Friday: He has this hot James Dean-ish look to him. Yes, the golden days of Hollywood when men were MEN, not pretty boy wantabees! Because they were real men doing normal exercises and etc….


Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. The Panty Man Poet. Detention Costume Designer. Proxy Kill Dale. Jump to: Yoga Participant uncredited.

City employee uncredited.

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Eddie's father voice. Male Nurse uncredited. Related Videos. Cary Grant always had tragically narrow shoulders. He had a strange body. He had a sunken chest, and he was sloped. Cooper became stolid and dull—even John Wayne did—but right then, he had an incredible grace; and Elizabeth Taylor eyelashes.

Guy Madison An accidental movie star and an undeniable visual feast. Inwhen he did Since You Went Awayit was amazing.

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When I went through all those photographs [while researching a book on gay talent agent Henry Willson], there was not a bad photograph of Guy.

He was the consummate model. Robert Mitchum Bedroom-eyed leading man adept at playing antiheroes and weirdies. A lot of them seem ashamed of being actors.

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He made you ashamed to like him so much. Montgomery Clift Troubled gay heartthrob.

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Admits Hofler: I heard he liked to sleep in the nude, and he was always drugged out of his mind. He reminded his bedmates of a large spider. Joe Dallesandro Warhol film star of cult classics like Flesh and Heat. He was completely comfortable in his nudity. Skip navigation! Story from Sex. While there's nothing wrong with sexting per se, there is something incredibly wrong with sending unsolicited and nonconsensual photos. I don't care how hot you think you are, or how harmless you think the photo is, sending someone a photo of your junk without consent is sexual harassment.

No ifs, ands, or buts. In a recent survey conducted by Match.