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Updates, never say never I already said that about porn a time ago and now it's what I do for a living The first one I shot, 'cause it was very special. Yes, they told me that all the people who work in porn are bad people, but I met a lot of wonderful people. Not everything is what it seems to be in porn. Cumlouder result of a movie is not even close to what really happens, although it isn't always so.

I'd like to buy a house and be there with all my animals, my three cats and my parrot. I'm tired about being the whole time from one side to updates other, I really miss them sometimes. I also hope to be very successful in what refers to my career in porn. Quick test: The Family of Pascual Duarte A movie: Legends of the Fall A song: Los hombres de Paco Spanish sitcom An album: None Favorite cumlouder Rosario Flores Favorite band: None Favorite actor: Russell Crowe Favorite actress: None Favorite porn actress: None Favorite dish: Paella Favorite cumlouder Strawberries with cream Favorite drink: Cumlouder milk Favorite smell: The smell when it has just rained Favorite sound: My parrot Roqui when he talks Favorite color: Pink Your best feature: I'm a very friendly person Your worst feature: I'm a bit obsessive and crazy A good vice: Cumlouder A bad vice: The reason is simple: So, if you want to warm up, enjoy this compilation video of her scenes and read the interview!

Who is Candela? How old are you? What's your job? Did you study or work? I was a normal girl who worked over the weekends in a club as a tender to make some money to pay off my studies. I got to see lots of girls dancing professionally in the club cumlouder I started to get attracted updates the possibility of working as a dancer myself. So, I started to work as a dancer because I really updates seducing and teasing boys and girls. The strangest thing happened in a club when I was having a woman having sex pirn with a colleague.

I was having a drink and suddenly because of the ice cube, it all fell on me. Since I was wearing a very suggesting mila kunis sexiest topless, I didn't even think about it and licked my boobs as well as my fingers in order to get the mess clean. I looked up and there was a guy staring at me who told me that he cummed by seeing me do that. The fact that I made his body react like that, turned me really on. I got really horny when dancing so Picture of black women pussy up close thought I could do something I liked more than dancing and make people enjoy even more with me.

I love getting people horny with my dance moves, but Cumlouder wanted updates to feel deeper and more intense emotions with me. What do you remember about the experience? I remember really good things about that scene, because it was a strange situation but very exciting since I had never been in front of a camera before.

I was a bit shy because, obviously, it isn't the same dancing and being watched by the people updates the club, than being filmed while fucking and being seen in the entire world. Did something change in you or are you still the same woman who began in porn updates ? I'm still the same person but not that shy anymore. I'm a little more self-confident and of course, also lots hornier. The way I dress has also changed a lot 'cause now I'm a more stylish girl who likes wearing sexy clothes and high heels.

I do not mind about critics anymore and I only focus on having a great time and big fun by doing what I like the most, which is porn and broadcasting live webcam shows. Could you tell us a little about the story of that tattoo?

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Why did cumlouder get your pussy tattooed? Who did it? Did it hurt a lot? I'm always on fire, so that's why I got the tattoo done. There was no better way to express the horny I am than by getting a burning flame tattooed on my pussy.

I got my tattoo done in a professional tattoo shop in Seville and updates I told the guy cumlouder I wanted, he got really surprised 'cause it wasn't something he was used to do, ebony women sucking dick he accepted anyway. He designed it, I liked it and we went to the cabin to get it on my skin. Logically, I had to take my pants off and spread my legs. The tattoo artist looked at me very amazed and he was extremely horny 'cause you could see there was a little party going on in his pants, but I didn't say a word.

He was quite nervous and didn't say a word either. He started to sweat a lot when he reached cumlouder area of my lips and said: Cumlouder guy finished the tattoo and when he was about to put the aftercare cream on it, he saw I was wet, so he put his fingers in it and looked at me in the face. I was horny so Updates closed my eyes and started to enjoy.

I ended up by giving him a blowjob and we both reached the climax. I'd have loved being fucked by him at that very moment, because his dick was really hard but my pussy was painful, so I had to wait till my next tattoo on my foot to get fucked by him. How much time do you need to get ready from head to toe? I need half an hour or an hour and yeah, I love dressing up and make up to look the best I can on set because I love looking cumlouder on camera.

Do you mind people think you're not an elegant girl? I don't care updates I'm the way I want to be. Furthermore, I totally disagree with people that think that wearing sexy clothes, having tattoos and piercings means not being elegant. In my opinion, elegance has more to do with behavior than with physical appearance updates clothes. Sexy pics of teenage lovers the past I only watched porn to get horny and now I love it even more because I know I get people horny with it.

What kind of consequences did you experience? I would definitely encourage someone who would like to work in porn because I love being updates of this world.

The consequences depend on the people that surround you, but what I know for sure is that everyone should do what he or she loves and wants to do. There will be people who won't like what you're doing and that will judge you for that. There will also be people you knew from before who'll change their mind and respect what you do cumlouder a living because they'll realize updates still the same person. When did you start pleasing people on webcam? I've started over two years ago and I love doing it every day a bit more.

I love giving boys and girls the best of me. I think I'm addicted to providing people happiness through my webcam. » Worldwide HD Porn of The Highest Quality

wife s swollen pussy How many hours have you ever worked in front of your webcam?

I've sometimes spent eight hours in a row and even twelve some days, because I love it so much that I forget about the time I spent online. Is that because you like working at night or is it due to your South-American audience? It is because I love working at night and providing happiness to people before sleeping time so they can sleep tight and dream with me. Do you have any problem with your neighbors? I didn't have any problem so far because they get horny thanks to my moaning.

There is a couple living next door and they tell me that they don't stop fucking because of me and downstairs, there is a guy who always tells me that he jerks off every time he hears me. Cumlouder did they get to know it and how did they cumlouder My family and friends know it, because it is something almost impossible to hide.

They got to know it by accident, while they were watching TV. At first, they couldn't believe it, they were shocked. Some of them got through it and others didn't. Are you also this way in your personal life? Yes, I'm exactly the same. I'm a shy person but at the same time I'm also extremely sexy. A very natural girl, both in front as behind updates camera. And do you go after them? I don't know why men get intimidated by me as soon as they see me. But there is always some guy that dares to come and speak with me.

I also have to admit that there are a updates more girls than boys that flirt with me. That turns me because I'm bisexual.


I usually don't go after men because of my shyness but as in every rule, there is always an exception. Would you updates to shoot a scene for our CumExtreme series? I love both things. It all depends on the situation. Well, I like being dominated but I love dominating a lot more, I mean, I would do it but I'd have to take on the dominant role.

I didn't do any gangbang yet, nor group sex or orgies but I would like to participate in such kind of scene. I can't cumlouder to get the chance to do something like that updates camera because new situations turn me on.

Yes, because I love Amanda's gangbangs and I would like to experience one myself. It must be great having several men at the same time for my own and being fucked hard by them. Which one is your favorite? I can't answer this question updates I love them all, I've enjoyed every single one, although I have to admit that I enjoyed a bit more these last ones because I felt very comfortable in front of the camera. How do you imagine yourself in the future? Would you like to keep working in porn or do updates have other plans?

I imagine myself doing rhianna s naked photos because I like it more and more every day. The Chronicles of Narnia A song: La que se avecina Spanish sitcom An album: Henry Mendez Favorite band: La Oreja de Van Gogh Favorite actor: Jason Statham Favorite actress: Jennifer Lopez Favorite porn actor: Juan-Z Favorite porn actress: Amanda X Favorite dish: Pine seriporno tart cumlouder cream Favorite drink: Baileys Irish cream Favorite smell: J'adore from Dior Favorite cumlouder The whistle of my parrot Favorite color: Black Your best feature: Friendly Your worst feature: Greedy with food.

I'll never get bored of sex! I've already done all kind of things, from threesomes to gangbangs with 10 guys and even double penetrations, but I'll never get bored of going through the same experiences, cumlouder I get to do it updates new guys and new dicks.

Is this your case or do you think that those people didn't really enjoy their job before? Well, a job always ends up being something you have to do, but if it is something you updates enjoy like I do enjoy sex, you'll never cumlouder to stop doing it. I enjoy doing what I like and that's what really matters, because it makes me feel comfortable and happy with what I'm doing. Well, I'm going to tell cumlouder how she shouldn't be.

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She doesn't have to be shameful because what a girl has to assume when she decides ind village girl nude enter this business is that a part of her life that was private and intimate until then, will updates something public. You also have to like exhibitionism, showing cumlouder your body and make others enjoy with it.

Do you think you can have a successful career in this business or is this just something temporary for you? Yes, I'm actually going to college and I will never let that down. I do think that I could have a cumlouder career in porn, because I think I'm very cumlouder at what I do and people like young nude girls wet, but I still want to study and find a job that has to do with what I'm currently studying.

A lot! I reach at least one orgasm per day. I love it and enjoy updates every single time. Have cumlouder ever felt "abstinence" or did you always receive your sex dose? Teeny teeny tiny pussies, I don't really have an answer for your question because I've always got my daily sex dose. But when I don't get it, I just finger myself or play with my sex toys.

Cumlouder thing is that I always reach the climax, I mean, every updates day. No, it isn't anymore. Everybody knows it by now, even updates college. I think it is because the prejudices of our society in what refers to porn. A lot of people do not know about how this business works and they think that people who work in it can't do anything else because they have no studies. They think actresses are stupid girls that need the money to pay drugs or any other substances.

But they're wrong. Obviously there are such kind of people, like in any other cumlouder. But I even study and work as a private teacher. I'm a totally normal girl, who has no drugs, alcohol or tobacco addictions and who loves doing things like the rest of the people do.

Have you ever felt exploited? Have you ever done something that you didn't want to? No, of course not, because you choose what cumlouder want to do and if you don't want to do it, no one can force you, whether in porn or in any other aspect of your life.

No, because this is something I really like, although working as a cashier has other advantages that porn doesn't have, so I think that the updates option could be combining a job in porn with a cumlouder "normal" job to make some extra money. Do you mean that you wouldn't have sex with a girl if there were no men watching because you don't feel attracted to girls? I actually like updates with girls, especially the kissing part, but I do prefer sharing that moment with boys while they're watching because it is really awesome getting a man horny by kissing another girl.

Updates kind of situation turns me really on. Do you feel ready for an anal scene with two big cocks provided by CumLouder? I also shot an anal scene with another porn producer, and in my private life I really enjoy a lot anal sex and cumlouder penetrations, which I'm really good at, but to tell updates truth, I do not feel ready for CumLouder, with an actor that can hurt me because my anus is still stretching.

I need to do it bit by bit and by now, I'll keep doing naked korean girl bra in my private life, relaxed and calm, with no pressure. Alone or with your boyfriend? I updates watching porn with my boyfriend and we like all kind of it, even though we do prefer porn based on real situations. The kind of sex we practice at home ourselves, like for instance: Would your boyfriend participate in a scene?

Cumlouder I would like to do is shooting a real college girls 4 scene with my boyfriend and another boy or girl. Cumlouder sure, I would also like to do that some day. It is on my wish list. So it felt like a reward to me having the chance to work with him.

Your boyfriend and you are swingers, could you recommend couples updates are interested in that kind of sex, where they can get videos of rihanna nude about how to become swingers?

Cumlouder tell all those couples who are thinking about becoming swingers to give it a try. Seriously, it is a great experience and it would be the cumlouder chance to make real all their sex fantasies. There are a lot of sites on the Internet where they can get in touch with swingers and start their own adventure. Here is the quick test. Thank you! If someone wants to get to know a bit more about me and wants to enjoy my horniest pictures, follow me on Twitter: Recuerdos prestados - Cecelia Ahern A movie: Gladiator A song: Gossip Updates An album: Lagrimas desordenadas - Melendi Favorite updates Melendi Favorite band: Christian Bale Favorite actress: Anne Hathaway Favorite porn actor: Nacho Vidal Favorite porn actress: Rebeca Linares Favorite dish: Pasta Favorite dessert: I'm very stubborn A good vice: When I take a book, Updates can't stop reading it.

It is almost Christmas time and CumLouder decided cumlouder have a look at its stats to find out what its users have searched for on the web. Lisa Ann has been the only pornstar who made it into our top-list. On the other hand, New York supports the country's trend by choosing, based on the stats, the mature pornstar Lisa Ann as its favorite too. We've also been snooping around to find out what they like in Europe, South-America, Asia and Australia: Throughout the old continent, people seem to like family sex, barely legal girls and lesbians.

The inhabitants updates our neighboring continent, South-America, where their favorite pornstar is Esperanza Gomez, mostly look for threesomes, anal sex and schoolgirls. Asians prefer their local product and go for "anime", "hentai" and "3D". Updates under, in Australia, they like "lesbian", "gangbang" and "squirting". In addition, and as we did expect, one of the most traditional facts about the stats in each country is that every single porn-enjoyer wants to know how good his updates her compatriots are in bed.

CumLouder got two nominations. Everybody knows what the AVN Awards are about. Since they've been rewarding the best material of the year in the porn industry, mainly American one and only DVD updates. That's the reason why CumLouder receives now, and not before, these two nominations. The second nomination is a natural consequence of the first one.

Although you have to know that this is our fifth anniversary on the catwalk! These kind of contradictions, which all the AVN Awards-followers know, occur every year. Otherwise, how the hell would we be nominated for scenes we published in and ? Well, don't tell anybody about it; this cumlouder be our updates secret!

You may think these two nominations aren't a cumlouder deal, and you're partly right because if you compare them to updates ones received by other studios like Elegant Angel, Wicked or Evil Angel, ours are ridiculous, but we're a smaller company that updates publish as much material as these bigger production companies do, and we don't count on the fame they do either. So, having a title among the 15 best DVDs for anal content cumlouder the world to us. You may also want to know that the award-winners are chosen by a group of experts, cumlouder watch all the movies and all the updates from start to finish and take notes.

This month's girl is Marta Cumlouder. A hard-working pornstar who's gonna answer all our questions. Get ready to spend cumlouder best reading moment ever. Who updates Marta Sanz? Where are you from? What do you do for a living? I'm a Spanish year-old girl. I'm a bit rude when I speak and I do webcam shows and also horny but funny porn scenes because I love turning people on and making them have a great time. What has changed updates then?

I've started to work in this business three years ago. I have to admit that my first two scenes, which I shot the same cumlouder, were absolutely awful because I was extremely nervous and anxious.

I've always been quite shy so that was a big issue for me. Furthermore, the actors couldn't get their cock stiff, so we cumlouder to shoot till night. A complete disaster. Luckily, I haven't changed, I'm still the same person, but I've changed a lot on set. It must be updates now I'm a lot more self-confident. How much time did your longest live webcam show last? It is absolutely crazy. Nobody should do that! Is food also one of your weak points? I love to eat but when I'm online, I just focus on what I'm doing. But yeah, I have to admit that food is one of my weakest points and I also love to cook.

What would you cook for us? I would prepare a typical Spanish paella, some nice wine and for dessert, I would bake a delicious cake made of custard, chocolate and biscuits. You would never want to leave my house! Are you like that in your real life too? Do you also like being seduced or do you prefer to take control over the situation?

I'm pretty daring, clear and wild updates my real life too. I could also say Chinese pornstar sex naked a little crazy and I have to admit that I like to seduce. I don't like men to come and flirt with me, I prefer things to be difficult. We think that you won't be able cumlouder do updates, so if you want, you can try to convince Nick, Juan or Moisex about the fact that you would be a great dominatrix.

Well, I would like to shoot a scene for CumExtreme and play the dominant role because I'd do to each one of them lots of cumlouder thing, and believe me, I cumlouder certainly surprise them.

Yes, but I'd only do it with the best ones: Nick, Moi and Juan and maybe also with some other actor of CumLouder because I wouldn't feel comfortable with amateurs. I know, I'm quite strange. I really love Moisex You couldn't tell, right? Well, I almost died. Cumlouder mean What do you feel when you squirt?

It's like being in heaven. I'd like to cover up all the guys with my squirts and see their faces, because they like it and they get very horny too. Cumlouder do you think about this?

Do you see yourself working in the porn industry in the future? Do you see yourself having a totally different life and doing other kind of things or do you usually avoid thinking about that? I would like to continue in the porn industry and shoot scenes for CumLouder, because I always have a great time when I work with the guys and they also know how to do a good job.

Thank you, guys. I had a updates good time answering all the questions. Hopefully, you all keep enjoying my scenes. Interview with the Vampire A movie: The Lost Boys A song: Any game show Cumlouder album: Milli Vanilli Favorite singer: Antonio Orozco Favorite band: Mecano Favorite actor: Ryan Phillippe Favorite actress: Megan Fox Favorite porn actor: Moisex Favorite porn actress: Aletta Ocean Favorite dish: Chocolate cake Favorite drink: I'm very bad-humored A good vice: Crazy updates. By cumlouder this site you swear that you are of legal age in your area to view adult material and that you wish to view such material.

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